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Why are many prefabricated house prices different

Source:http://www.pxhousing.com/news/52.html  Release time:2019-09-03

With the growth of the market, the industry's prefabricated house manufacturers are also more and more, the product categories are confusing, and various quality problems are frequent. Why are the prices of many prefabricated houses different from those in the market? You may find that the price of prefabricated house given by many manufacturers differs from the price of the industry. So why?

Let me talk about it below, and I hope that I can help you. Due to the competitiveness of competing partners, especially prefabricated house manufacturers have to suppress product profits and compete with competitors for price. If the selling price is not depressed, the product will be difficult to sell, the salary of the employees, the business of the manufacturer can not be guaranteed, the rising expenses, and the local manufacturers have to choose more low-priced materials.

There are many prefabricated house manufacturers to dock customers, prefabricated house costs have strict choices, not the price competition mentioned, in fact, to improve their product characteristics. Good prefabricated house materials can make the products in the competitive partners more reliable, not easy to complain, and constantly develop new customers. If you want to develop for a long time, you need to raise the benchmark to high quality. You can't guarantee low-level industries and apply cheap materials.

Why are many prefabricated house prices different from those in the market?

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