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Steel sandwich panel
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Steel sandwich panel

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Dongguan Pengxin Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Ltd is well known as a large steel construction enterprises, with 15 branch companies and 2 joint venture companies, the annual steel production capacity is more than 120,000 Metric tons, and  annual total output value is more than RMB 2 billion.
The main business is design, manufacturing and engineering construction of various Amusement Equipment steel structure, Large astronomical telescopes, complicated bridges, industrial and residential buildings, high-rise buildings, mining equipments, We can provide all kinds of steel roof panel, steel wall panel, steel sandwich panel, steel EPS sandwich roof panel, steel rock wool sandwich wall panel
Steel sandwich panel/ sandwich roof panel/sandwich wall panel
Width: 950mm, 1050mm,1070mm,1170mm
Thickness:0.326mm+25mm(50mm/75mm/100mm)+0.376mm,0.376mm+25mm(50mm/75mm/100mm)+0.426mm, 0.426mm+25mm(50mm/75mm/100mm)+0.426mm, 0.426mm+25mm(50mm/75mm/100mm)+0.476mm, 0.476mm+25mm(50mm/75mm/100mm)+0.476mm, others
Color: sky blue, Ivory white, gray, light green and others.
Insulation Materials: EPS, Rock wool, etc


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